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Mileage pipe co., LTD., established in chongqing2013Years,The registered capital5000Wan。Is company with independent intellectual property rights,Set
Pipe research and development、Production、Sales and services as one of the original science and technology enterprises,Have multiple national patentsPCTInternational
The patent。The company has the core of the large diameter plastic pipe production technology and special pipe production machine equipment(Multi-function winding
Machine),And plastic material and other supporting technology。Our company.....

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PVCSpiral coil tube  /  Large diameter pipes  /  Pile retaining wall  /  Composite pipe gallery  /  Move the ark

PVCSpiral coil tube

PVCSpiral coil tube

PVCSpiral coil tube

PVCSpiral coil tube

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South Africa

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A mobile phone:18983161588 / 13657676371
The phone:023-87107688 / 023-87107696

The mailbox:QQ1506574279
The mailbox:QQ3284437569

Chongqing Gao Yanglu ocean area south tianjin street1069Number(Encore in the industrial park)

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