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Has always been,China's economic operation is the focus of shower room and other traditional manufacturing。Today China's economy continued to maintain the overall stable、To the stable....

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2019Enterprises in the shower room needs to return to brand shaping
High-end tailored industry new shower room“Gold mine”
Shower room products innovation into reverse inverse bureau key enterprises
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“Bath”See the heartache,Love wood rose gold shock listed the busy work,Stress of study,Stop the entertainment hey two point one line of life every day,A friend....

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Love wood operations manager in winter to expand throughout the country,Gathers splendid China!
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City name:Guangzho

Property name:In the park

The product name:The lacquer that bake the black non-standard shower room1891

City name:Guangzho

Property name:Pearl royal scene

The product name:2593

City name:Guangzho

Property name:The pearl river jiayuan

The product name:Linkage door of shower room6101

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  • Ren Xiaobing Shanghai design firm design director
    “Enjoy the design,Enjoy design people to survive and flourish;Enjoy life,Enjoy the....”
  • Rui-lin wang Guangdong division construction engineering co., LTD., design director
    “Design is actually a process of artistic creation,Is the unity of the art with technology....”
  • Liu Mingfu Invertors taste adornment group director of guangdong China
    “Art comes from life and fulfilling life,Everyone in the pursuit of life....”
  • Song Xuelin Hong Kong asia-pacific joint architects design director
    “Design is the soul of the decoration,Then the designer is the creator of the soul。For each....”
  • Gao Yang Love wood brand design director
    “Focus on wet toilet partitions”
  • Ren Xiaobing Shanghai design decoration engineering co., LTD., general manager and chief designer
    “Personal praise highly enhance business value through design,Simple claim form、Highly reactive....”